Standard Dialup

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WebTV® is an appliance that connects your TV to the Internet. CyberLynk does not sell or support the WebTV® unit. We do provide a means for you to use your WebTV® without incurring long distance charges. Visit the WebTV® site by clicking here to check on local phone numbers in Southeastern Wisconsin. If there is no local number in your area, check our phone numbers by clicking here.

Although WebTV® service includes mailboxes at, you may wish to establish an address away from WebTV® - We provide a Web based E-mail service that can be used instead of, or along with the E-mail provided with WebTV®.

Service includes:

  • 300 hours of access per-month - plenty of time to surf and exchange E-mail.
  • Mailboxes - as many as required - at no charge. Web interface - read and send E-mail, change password, vacation messages and forwarding included.
  • Unlimited unsensored E-mail.
  • Personal Web site - 10Mb of storage.
  • News server access.
  • Thirty (30) minutes of Free technical support per month.

If you are an employee of one of our corporate customers, please contact your IT department head and request information on our GroupLynk program and pricing.

Standard WebTV Dial-up  
Paid Monthly $29.00
Paid Quarterly $79.00
Paid Semi-Annually (Half year) $159.00
Paid Annually $299.00

Call (414) 858-9335 to establish a new account. All accounts can be accessed through any Point of Presence (POP). Dial up rates are listed above.

Attention New Subscribers

Try our dial up service - if you are unsatisfied, cancel within the first 30 days and pay nothing! Restrictions apply.

The following is taken from the WebTV® web site. This applies to the WebTV® service only...


OpenISP allows you to connect tothe WebTV Service using your own Internet Service Provider (ISP). You might be interested in OpenISP if you currently have to make a long-distance call to access WebTV® (If you're not sure, go to Local Access to check) or if you already have an ISP for your home computer.

An ISP gives you access to the Internet through your phone line. You can choose an ISP to connect to the WebTV Network instead of using the access number WebTV provides for you. No matter which you choose, you'll get the same great WebTV experience with OpenISP all that changes is how you connect.

WebTV Plus

Price of service for WebTV® Plus subscribers is as follows:

WebTV Plus service:

WebTV Plus OpenISP™ service:

WebTV Classic

Price of service for WebTV® Classic subscribers is as follows:

WebTV Classic service:

WebTV Classic OpenISP service:

* This charge is in addition to your ISP monthly charges.

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